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Successful ambiguity resolution is the key to all high-precision GNSS applications. The probability of correct integer estimation, also known as ambiguity success rate, is a measure by which the success of ambiguity resolution can be predicted. The success rate depends on the integer estimators used and on the strength of the underlying GNSS model.

The Ps-LAMBDA software enables users to evaluate the ambiguity success rates for their application. The software only needs the ambiguity variance matrix of the ambiguity float solution as input. The success rates can be computed for integer least-squares (ILS), integer bootstrapping (IB) and integer rounding (IR). In evaluating these success rates, the users can also choose between Monte Carlo based evaluations or lower and upper bounds of the ambiguity success rates.

Fill the form below and press Submit to obtain the compressed file of Ps-LAMBDA. It may be necessary to use 7zip to decompress the file. For questions or problems concerning Ps-LAMBDA please contact Sandra Verhagen at or Amir Allahvirdizadeh at

Cite the Ps-LAMBDA software in your publications as: " Verhagen S, B Li, PJG Teunissen (2013): Ps-LAMBDA: Ambiguity Success rate Evaluation Software for Interferometric Applications. Computers & Geosciences, 54:361-376" .

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